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Browser Enhancements

Browser access now includes some administration functions allowing you to perform a range of tasks on iPads, Chromebooks, phones and tablets.

  • Manage People
  • View Results
  • Assign Syllabi & Tasks
  • View & Manage LMS linked tasks



You can manage your students, staff and classes in the new People area, without needing to launch the downloaded software. 

Students can be organised into classes, accounts can be viewed, and settings edited. Class settings are also available, can be modified, and syllabi can be assigned.


New to Auralia® and Musition® is the ability to view your students' practise, test and course results without having to run a report!  

These results are now integrated into the student profile, together with basic usage information.


It’s now much quicker to assign tests and courses!

These are are shown directly under each class with handy filters making it very easy to see exactly what is assigned to a particular class.

LMS Tasks

If you’ve integrated Auralia® and Musition® with your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, MusicFirst…), you’ll be excited to know that you don’t have to launch the downloaded software to view and link your tasks!

There is a dedicated ‘Tasks’ area where all your linked tasks are shown. These list the task name from your LMS, the task name from Auralia® / Musition®, when it was linked, and which instructor linked the task.

You can also see the test or course settings, and a list of entries with the basic settings.

LMS Task Linking

Linking a task is also much easier with a dedicated area for your ‘Current Task’, complete with a list of Tests, and the ability to select the type of results that are sent back to your LMS.

This important setting allows you to choose Last, Worst, Best or Combined result; very important when you allow students to attempt a task more than once.

We also now allow you to change this setting after results have been submitted, and have them sent again with the new setting.