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Expanding the Music Theory Canon

Auralia® & Musition® are excited to be partnering with Dr. Paula Maust (Author, Peabody Institute) and SUNY Press to provide worksheets to accompany Paula's book 'Expanding the Music Theory Canon'.

Dr. Maust’s work aims to present the works of underrepresented composers of Western classical music who were active from c.1600–1900.  Musition now includes 9 worksheets that align with the anthology - dominant 7ths, predominants, 64 progressions, secondary dominants, secondary leading tone chords, augmented 6ths, Neapolitan chords, modal mixture and diatonic modulation.

The featured composers include Hortense de Beauharnais, Harriet Browne, Joseph Bologne, Marianna Martines, Sophia Dussek, Isabella Colbran, Chiquinha Gonzaga, José White, Robert Nathaniel Dett and many more.

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Hear Paula talk more about her work & demonstrate some of the worksheet content here. And check out Paula's blog post where she discusses the origins of the Expanding the Music Theory Canon project.

Key Features

  • Diversify your curriculum
  • Composer spotlight lessons
  • Harmony & analysis
  • Nine new worksheets
  • Automatic assessment
  • Access anywhere, on any device

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Composer Spotlight

The included composer spotlight lessons will expose students to the work of underrepresented composers and diversify your curriculum. 

Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic analysis with automatic assessment will save you hours of grading time and provide instant feedback for your students.


Quality melodic, rhythm and harmonic dictation exercises using real audio recordings and YouTube videos.

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