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I’ve purchased a Cloud subscription and I need to register to get started.

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I’ve forgot my login name or password and need some help getting back up and running.

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I’d like to download the current version for my Cloud service.

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Help! I need the technical gurus to provide direct advice.

Cloud Documentation

Cloud Licence Options

Work out the best solution for your school, student or school purchasing.

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Student Registration

How to get registered once you have your serial number or serial card

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Cloud Deployment

Information about deploying Cloud in your school and at home.

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Getting Started

A four-page intro for teachers.  Download it here.

Cloud Service Update

When you wish to update your Cloud service to the latest release, please contact us.

  • You notify us that you would like to update your cloud service
  • We upgrade your cloud service
  • You will then get an email with links to download the latest version

NOTE: Once we update your cloud service, remember that your student and lab computers will also need updating. If you have Auralia and Musition Cloud in your labs, please liase with your IT support staff first.