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There are two ways that a Cloud service can be commissioned. Schools can purchase licences or students can purchase licences and then ‘link’ them to their school.

School Licences

Many schools wish to purchase enough licences to cover all their students in one simple transaction. When the service is activated each teacher will receive an email with their login details and download links. Teachers then enrol their students into the system, and then email students with their login details and download links.

Student Licences

If you would like your students to purchase licences then the first step is to apply for a Cloud service below. If your application is successful, your nominated teachers will receive emails with login details and download links.

We will then provide a PIN and school code that students will use when purchasing.

If students purchase via our website, the process is completely integrated, they enter the PIN during purchase, their account is created and they are sent their login details.

If they purchase via another reseller or bookstore, they will receive a serial number, which they must register and ‘link’ to the cloud service using PIN and school code. They will then be sent their login details.


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