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Digitize Your Music Placement Exams

Deliver your music placement and entrance tests online, and save time with automatic grading!
Students can complete the exam anywhere, anytime, and all questions are automatically assessed!  

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How it works

  • We digitize your exam & add your custom questions
  • Students complete the exam anywhere, on any device
  • Exams are automatically assessed
  • Reports are emailed to you

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This sample exam includes a selection of common question types, but your exam can be customized to fit your requirements.  Select the next button, or use the pop-out navigator on the left of the screen to browse through the exam.

Custom Exam Content

Your exam can be customized to include both ear training and theory content:

  • Dictation with real audio recordings and scores
  • Notation based, multiple choice & tapping question types
  • Fundamentals through to chromatic harmony

Custom Exam Content

Placement Exam Barlines

Placement Exam Contour

Placement Exam Scale Writing

Placement Exam Contour

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