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Solfege, Piano and Guitar Input

The onscreen Solfege, Piano and Guitar controllers allow students and teachers to deal with Music Theory in a way that is most revelent to their needs. These controllers are generally enabled by default but can be easily turned off if need be and are available in many of the 34 topics.


The new Solfege controller allows students to easily enter their answers using Solfege note names (Do, Re, Mi, Fa etc). Importantly, this controller is also used to ask questions in various Musition topics. For example, the notes of a chord may be shown on the solfege controller instead of on a score.

Three solfege systems are supported; Fixed Do and two variants of Movable Do. Each of these three systems has a customised syllabus supplied with Musition.

Solfege note names are now also shown underneath notes when notation is visible, allowing students to easily make the connection between solfege and notation. This can be disabled by turning off the Solfege controller if need be.

If required, the names of the Solfege syllables can be changed via the syllabus options screen.

[Musition Solfege Controller Screenshot]

[Solfege Syllables Dialog Screenshot]


Students who are more comfortable working with a keyboard can use the onscreen piano keyboard to easily enter their answers in many topics. Middle C is indicated with a black dot, and notes that have been chosen are highlighed in blue.

[Musition Onscreen Piano Screenshot]


The on-screen guitar fretboard is perfect for guitar players! Note names are highlighted as you mouse over each string and fret position.

[Musition Onscreen Guitar Screenshot]

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What people are saying about Musition 4

"Music Theory is so much easier for my students when they use Musition to practise!"

David Martin, Low Brass Teacher

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We have made a number of free resources and extra downloads available, designed to help you in your classoom, music studio or at home. Syllabus specifications, manuscript paper, and much more are available. Read more