Music Theory Software - Musition 4

Music Theory Software - Musition 4

Musition is a complete music theory and musicianship package, suitable for students of all ages. Interactive drill based teaching makes learning music theory fundamentals fun and easy!

Complete with 34 topics, a clean and simple interface and sophisticated yet easy to use record keeping features, Musition is the ultimate music theory tuition tool for your home or your classroom!

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Musition apps are now available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store!

Practise your theory wherever you have your iPhone or iPad! Great drills, custom levels, lessons and record keeping!

Cloud Edition
Now Available!

Music Theory in the Cloud! All the music fundamentals - notes, chords, rhythm, terminology and much more!

Musition Cloud is classroom ready with integrated assessment, testing and student administration.
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a tour

Take a tour through Musition 4 and see how your music theory skills can be improved with this easy to use program. See how music theory and music theory tests can improve your skills. Basic music theory and beyond!
Music theory software in action

What's new in
version 4.5?

Musition 4.5 has loads of new features, including a new Cadences topic, Detailed Scoring and Test Marking. Musition 4.5 is also in the Cloud! This is a free update if you already have version 4.0, with a list of changes here.

If you have Musition 2 or Musition 3, select the link below to get a complete tour of the new features in version 4.
New music theory features