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Cloud Priority Support

We are proud to offer all our Cloud customers a dedicated support portal.

As a Cloud customer, if you are wanting to download the latest Cloud client, please use the link below, to ensure you receive download links for the correct version. If you are wanting a list of changes in the software, please check the regular Auralia and Musition update pages.


Forgotten your password? Click below to open up our password recovery page. You be back up and running within a few minutes.

Auralia & Musition

As a teacher or student, you are welcome to install the Cloud client wherever you require it! Use this page to download the correct version of the software for your Cloud service.

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Support Request

Having some troubles? Please let us know what the problems are and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.


Here are some bits of documentation that will help you in your use of Auralia and Musition Cloud.


When you wish to update your Cloud service to the latest release, please contact us.

  • You notify us that you would like to update your cloud service
  • We upgrade your cloud service
  • You will then get an email with links to download the latest version

NOTE: Once we update your cloud service, remember that your student and lab computers will also need updating. If you have Auralia and Musition Cloud in your labs, please liase with your IT support staff first.